Something to ponder

As I lay here on the couch on my 3rd sick day this week, I ponder all my blessings that I have been given. I know, sounds cheesy, but seriously it’s nice to think of all the amazing things life gives you when feel like crud. So, here it goes.

-My health (ok, crazy thing to think of this week) but honestly, I am so happy that I do so well with all the crazy things that life throws at me. Also, to add to this, River and Kyle’s health (and all my other family and friends- thinking of you too today Debbie!) I am so lucky to have all of you here to support me!

-My job. Although conferences yesterday was a tough one, I am so lucky to have such a great school to work at. People there have been so wonderful to me these past 9 years. 9 years… really???

-My wealth of experiences. I feel like I have been given this pot of gold every time I find out that I get to try something new. Whether it be traveling, camping, or even just a new veggie that kyle cooked up in our garden. I feel like I always have a rainbow that I can pull out of my pocket if I want.

-Friends! I could not survive here in Minnesota without all my dear friends! Even when they tell me to get out of their faces and stay home from work because I am sick. 🙂 All of you make my life so rewarding because you are in it. Thanks.

-Family. Kyle and River have been the best rocks a girl can have. They both keep me grounded and smiling, even when I’m laying down. My parents are more the butterfly’s at this point, keeping me going with their amazing adventure stories as they’re traveling down the road they call “retirement”- which I’m not completly buying. (More like the “Let’s go play!” road I think!)

– And finally, some people might not call this a blessing, but I have to say that one of my blessings (and many others) is just not knowing. I never seem to have a perfect answer for things, and many times if I think I do, I soon find out how wrong I am. I like to guess, to be surprised and to find that $20 left in my pocket from last spring. Although it can be frustrating at times, once that 20 bucks is found it can feel like 1000 if found at the right time.

So with that, I am going to post a short video I found on the jcics website- one that made me cry, and reminded me how that 20 bucks can turn into a million…


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