Last night Kyle and I went to a speech done by a senior at St. Olaf College, Subhash Ghimire. He is native Nepalese and through his dedication towards his country, created a summer camp for  children in his village as well as established a library. About a year ago right now he came up with the idea and and wrote a grant so he fund this. He was awarded a $10,000 grant to make this happen, and boy, were we impressed.

As the presentation went on it made my heart ache to meet my daughter. It also reminded me how much good we can do in this world if we want. Subhash said many times as he was one of the very few people to make it outside of his village (a two day walk from the nearest road) so there was much that was expected of him. I think this amazing senior has so far lived up to this expectation. After he returned this summer from working with these kids and giving them a summer’s worth of education and 100’s of books, he decided that to do more he needed to begin a foundation and set his sights high for all that can be accomplished. So, he created the Sarswati Foundation. I truly believe that this foundation will do some amazing things in the country of Nepal. Since the founder has a wonderful connection with the country, and also has had the initiative to make something happen (while he is in school no less!) I see this foundation as doing a lot of good in the world. So since I was (obviously) so impressed, I spoke to him and offered up my time and energy to get things going if he needed it. I hope he takes me up on it.

So other than that, the Nepal adoption front is very quiet. That’s ok, since right now it is their holiday time. I guess that whole of Nepal takes off for about a month and a half while they have their most important holidays of the year, one which I celebrated when I was in India 10 years ago today. (Diwali- although I believe the Nepalese have a different name for it). Rumor has it that the Ministry will go back to work around October 21, so hopefully next week I will hear of more matches and people traveling over to Nepal to pick up their children.

Wow- 10 years ago. I don’t think I would have ever guessed when I was in Nepal 10 years ago that this is where I would be today. It’s amazing how life flies, and how so many amazing things can happen in that time. So I wonder, 10 years from now, River will be 12, my daughter will be ??? and will there be another? Will we still be here in Northfield? Where will I be working? Life is sure a roller coaster. I love it!!!


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