What about River?


So, there has been lots of talk about our adoption lately and very little about the precious little boy who is in my arms everyday. So, I am dedicating this post to my Riv-baby, who is now much more of a Riv-toddler-boy.

*River is very verbal! He always wakes up talking with himself or us. Although he doesn’t have every word figured out, he is really getting there!

*River’s schedule is lining up with ours, which is no fun on the weekends! This, I think, says that he is an adaptable kid. Let’s hope next summer (and the many afterwards) he adapts back to getting up late!

* River LOVES being with friends. He feeds off of his peer’s energy.

*He will repeat anything a “big kid” will do. It’s fun to watch him at the park when older kids come around. He sometimes follows them and does what they do. This can be good and bad! 🙂

*He is also unfortunately obsessed with TV. Kyle and I do our best to let him watch no more than one short tv show a day. We are pretty good at that, but many times it ends up in a temper tantrum if he thinks differently. At this point (thanks to tivo) he only watches 4 different shows- Curious George, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and Thomas the train. It seems to work well. His favorite is usually Thomas, but Dora sometimes ends up on the top. He also adores movies. We usually just try to bring those out on the weekends.

*He seems to be over his ball obsession. Things have transferred to Thomas, but he is even easing up on that a little. I guess he is learning his “balance”. 🙂

*River is a king at singing the ABC’s! (the “L,M,N,O,P part needs some work, though) It’s his favorite song to sing. Another fav of his is counting. I love watching someone LOVE to learn! I wish I could transfer some of that excitement to my 8th graders.

*If Riv does throw a little tantrum when it comes to TV- our trick is to go read him a book. He loves books and could read them all day. (or, just make us read them). It’s a good trade off.

*Riv still doesn’t want to play alone. He likes company, a very social boy. Interaction seems to be a key to keeping him happy.

Hmmm… that’s all I can think of for now. I will make sure to put other exciting things in as we experience them. It seems as if he is doing something cute, new and/or fun everyday. I love it.

And to end this post I am going to quote a Laughery/Eckis family favorite movie – “What about Bob?” (Hence the title of this post). Now although I have been very positive about the whole adoption thing in Nepal these past couple of months, I think this is the week that is going to be the most telling. All of the festivals are over, and by the end of last week people were supposedly going back to work. So, since Nepal has around 300 more adoptions to process before the next large batch of dossier’s arrive in the country (new referrals can get sent in Jan. 2010 since the country is only letting 10 dossiers per agency, per year) if there are not more referrals/travel approvals this week I am going to start to get worried again…

So I just need to remember the famous words said by Bill Murray in our favorite movie… “Baby steps, (erin) baby steps…”



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