A little bit of halloween while we wait


Well, as we take in the little bit of news that we receive everyday, we live our everyday lives just as normal as we can. The Maoist uprisings have begun in Nepal, and thankfully all is peaceful thus far. So, I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied with other fun things at home. Yesterday, celebrating one of my favorite holidays, was a total treat. We met some friends at a close by apple orchard where the kids got to run around and play a little bit in the cold. They had a grand old-time despite the weather, and the parents enjoyed each other’s company while watching the kids play.

After the apple orchard we went to another friends house for some food, drink and finally some trick or treating. After stuffing ourselves with food we went out to go get some more with all of the kiddo’s. All in all we had a snow-white (not me, so I guess that’s 2 snow whites!) dopey (river) a dinosaur, and a witch. It was so much fun. We trick or treated in our neighborhood (since our friends, Paula and Brian only live a couple of doors down) and it was great. We were out for at least an hour, and then came back and hung out for quite a while longer. We figured that since it was daylight savings time we could try to keep the kids up as long as possible, and come around 10:30-11, the kids were outlasting the parents. So we brought our tired selves home and crashed. It was a wonderful, exciting Halloween with our adorable, dopey 2-year-old!



One thought on “A little bit of halloween while we wait

  1. Erin – I just had to say how fitting it was that you were Snow White at an apple orchard…and I love this last picture with you, River, and the caramel apples in the background!

    See you on Sunday!

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