2 down…

So, it was bound to happen sometime. In a weird way I am happy it happened now, before we are so cooped up inside that we can’t even open up a window to let all the germs out of the house.

So what am I talking about? The flu of course. It has now taken me down (a few weeks ago) and now River. Poor little guy is just so tired, coughing, and fever ridden. When he got bad on Friday, thankfully he was home with Grandma Sandy relaxing and playing, what a blessing it was to have her here for those few days! Since Friday, he has been pretty plastered in front of the TV and is interested in nothing that requires energy. Today, Sunday, he is getting much better. He is still tired, but much more active than he has been these last few days. It’s nice to see him run around again, but I stay very skeptical. We are going to stay home tomorrow and see how he does. I don’t want to spread this to any other unexpecting children and families!


On the adoption front, there has been some supposed communication out there with the government in Nepal- especially those working with adoptions. The news says that things are still moving even with the political disruptions. This is great, but we have not seen or heard any proof of this. On my yahoo group, people are still waiting for travel approvals and referrals. We as a group seem to have been trying to compile numbers as well, and the thought is that there were around 450 files (dossiers) received by the government of Nepal, 150 +/- of them are  referrals- around 75 of those have been sent out and somewhere around 40 are pending signature to then be sent out to families. Out of these 150, 21 (or so) are now with their children. So although I remain reluctant, I DO think things are going to start again soon. I guess I just have to keep my mind and heart in a positive place.

Along with that, this weekend I was able to attend another Diwali festival at St. Olaf. Subhash, (the senior who has started the Sarswati foundation) was the MC and bought me a ticket. I had no idea that it would be such a treat! There was awesome Indian food, along with Bollywood dancing, a fashion show and music. Being there reminded me of all the festivals we will be celebrating with our daughter someday. I can’t wait to teach her all about these festivals that are such a fun part of who she is!


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