Something to be thankful for… gray hair???

So, yes, it was bound to happen (not to sound redundant, this is just like the beginning of my last post) but after a crazy hard workout today I looked in the mirror and yes, saw some wonderful, gray, hair. Humph.

I just remember when I was a kid and my mom would give me a dime for every gray hair that I pulled out of her head. I am now in that role, but not quite ready to do the hair pulling out thing… yet. So I wonder what it is that is creating these gray hairs… (okay, other than my 31 years). A 2-year-old who is obsessed with tv? (see below) 13 year olds? (I now have to start teaching again, since my awesome student teacher is leaving next week) or this whole adoption thing? Hmmm… maybe all of it.

So things are going pretty good here. Since River has gotten better, he is still addicted to TV, so Kyle and I think we are going to make him go without- cold turkey. We will see how that goes. 🙂

This Sunday we were able to spend a fun pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving with friends. I think we have done this with this group of friends for around 5 years (at least) and it was not a disappointment. I really enjoyed watching the kids table (which lasted for all around 5 minutes). Plus, it was so much fun hanging out with friends eating good food. No wonder I love dinner parties so much.

As for the adoption, Nepal’s politics don’t seem to be getting any better, and absolutely nothing has been happening in terms of adoptions. I have hope that things will pick up, and I am keeping updated on all of the blogs and emails from my yahoo group pages, but I am not keeping my hopes up like I did a month or so ago that this will happen anytime soon. I did take a little action and wrote the US embassy to ask them to let me know what they think is going on, and I received an email back saying most of what I already know, that they country is in turmoil, that they want everything to remain above-board, and finally, something that I didn’t know, that there are going to be some meetings conducted in the near future that will hopefully help move things forward. We will see.

Happy almost thanksgiving friends!


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