days ahead

Well, I am so excited that this upcoming week is a short one that ends on a very happy note! On Tuesday we are leaving behind cold Minnesota and traveling to California to join my parents and my brother and sister in law in Disneyland. River has been super excited about seeing Mickey and all of his buddies! Plus it will be nice and warm (not that I have too much to complain about, since it has been pretty nice here lately) but I think we are all looking forward to this fun trip.
As for the adoption, we are also looking at the days ahead since supposedly there are some meetings taking place this week in Nepal that may be big on the adoption front. Many different embassy’s are meeting with a representative that is a part of the Hague convention. (To really understand the Hague, I would suggest you look it up, but if I understand it correctly, it is a sort of international “law” about adoption- it proves that the country is on the up ‘n up in terms of how children are being adopted out. It is a very good thing.) I am sending good thoughts all the way over to Nepal in hopes that things can get accomplished and actively moving. In the meantime, we will have our fun in Disneyland with River’s little sister in our hearts, and quietly wishing that she was there to join us in all the fun.

Below is a picture of the end of a “sleep over” river had last night at our neighbor Mariah’s house. Kyle, I, Paula and Brian went to go see “New Moon” on it’s opening night! Yes, we are all over 30, and we had a great time! Thanks to Morgan and Carol for giving them so many fun things to do! 🙂


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