hi ho, hi ho, to Disneyland we go . . .

What a fabulous time we had in Disneyland! River was so enchanted with everything. Here are some highlights:

*When we first arrived in Disneyland, River saw Mickey and Goofy. When we got near them he got really shy…. he was like that all throughout our time there until the last day when we had a character breakfast with chip and dale as well as some others. It was so cute seeing him finally hug the Disney characters!

* On thanksgiving evening River was outside with my parents. When outside, he sang the song twinkle twinkle little star, and when he was done he jumped up and screamed, “I got it!” He caught a twinkle twinkle. What a beautiful imagination.

*River’s favorite ride was Small World. He loved it so much we took him on it 3 times.

*Our first day in Disneyland (Wednesday) we got a private “holiday tour”. It was wonderful because even though it was a crazy busy day we got straight on small world and haunted mansion. Both were beautifully decked out in all its Disney holiday glamor. Plus, after seeing all the fun stuff that Disney had to offer (with our cute tour guide) we got front row seats to the Disneyland holiday parade! River got to personally say hi to Tow White, Santa and all the other characters! Needless to say momma had a lot of fun too!

*We put River in lederhosen (sp?) for Thanksgiving. It was my mom’s idea. It was so cute. 😉

All in all, River was an amazing little Disney boy. Loving everything there was to see. I was so proud of him.

So, tomorrow I actually head back to California (San Fransisco this time) to pick up River. He has been hanging with Grammie and Pap since Sunday, and I am happily going to make sure that he has been having a good time. So, although I am sad that I am going to miss the annual St. Olaf Christmas Festival, I am excited to yet again make it out to somewhere warm.

As for Nepal, we are still waiting. Supposedly the Ministry that deals with adoptions had to make some changes recently, so we don’t really know what is going on, other than on our end, nothing. I am hoping that this next month will show some sort of progress. There are a lot of waiting babies and loving families out there ready to be united. Please send your positive thoughts to Nepal and all the people over there who work with adoptions.


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