San Fran

What a beautiful city.

River and I had such a great time touring around San Fransisco with my parents, and my mom’s 2 sisters, Debbie and Barbie. In such a short time we were able to see so much, well, at least it felt that way since we must have walked at least 7-8 miles each day that I was there.

River seemed to enjoy everything around him, but his favorite part was the park right across the street from my parents apartment. It was the most incredible park for kids his age. I think if we let him, he would have stayed there all day every day!

As for me I loved checking out the warf (minus 100’s of seals, which I was kind of disappointed about), the saturday morning farmers market (that was the BEST I’ve ever seen), as well as the amazing dinners that were had. Mostly though, I think River and I had fun hanging out with people we don’t see very often. That was the major treat! (Oh, and the chocolate, that was good too!)

So, in this holiday time I am reminded, yet again about how lucky I am. Although we had to hop on a plane Sunday afternoon and fly into 15 degree weather, I know having an opportunity to go and see places like we have been able to see is something that is so beyond special.

And right now, watching the snow come down outside my window, I am thankful for that too.


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