A tornado of wrapping paper and toys…

Yup, that’s our Christmas morning… ๐Ÿ™‚

River, as you can see, had a fabulous time this morning with the Carson side of the family. We had a ridiculous amount of presents to open (mostly because we opened up both the Laughery side and Carson side- since my parents have already left for the trip down south) so Kyle, River and I spent hours extravagantly giving gifts and getting them. The morning started off with River and his presents from santa- nice, calm and wanting to play with each one after it was opened. By the end of the morning, he was ripping into ANYthing that was in front of him, including any other family members unopened present. It was cute, sorta. ๐Ÿ™‚

The rest of the day we have enjoyed playing with our presents and relaxing a little bit. Lots of phone calls have been made and our Disney Christmas jammies are worn thin. It’s been a good day. Now we are awaiting a hearty Christmas dinner and then the movie “Up” for River, and all of us, to enjoy.

As for the last couple of days, yesterday was a fun one. Mostly I really enjoyed going to Christmas service at 5pm at a local Lutheran church. River spent the majority of the time with Kyle in the playroom (when at the end and we went to get him, he said that he wanted to come back) so although he missed a lot of the service, he still had a good time. We then came back to the house and watched Polar Express (or as River calls it, Pola Espresth) and then we got all tucked in ready for santa to come.

Then, as we woke up this morning, the Carson family got a great Christmas present. We found out that late Christmas Eve night, Corey proposed to Rachel, so I am psyched to have another girl in this family of boys! Yea! We are excited for a wedding in the near future!

As for earlier in the week, we had our annual Christmas dinner with our great friends in Minnesota. It was a wonderful night with our friends and their families with lots of good conversation and the kids had a blast playing with toys, watching Christmas shows and playing with our fab babysitters. The night was highlighted with a visit from santa, and surprisingly, River did quite well. After being santa’s helper with Ethan, River seemed to trust him enough to actually sit on his lap. He wasn’t too sure about the situation, but in the end, I think his fear of santa is pretty much over.

So, all in all these past few days have been one of wonder, fun and tradition. Tomorrow, we head down to the British Virgin Islands with the Laughery side of the family for some good sailing fun. We are curious how River will do living on a boat for a week, but, I guess you’ll never know till ya try.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you have had, or are having a wonderful holiday season. I love you all!



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