True? Or not true? THAT is the question.

This past week the blogging world is filled with information on Nepalese adoptions. Unfortunatly, we have heard it all before and are very skeptical. But at this point we’ll take all the positives we can get.
Here is what I have heard this week so far. (and yes, it’s only tuesday…)
1. Nepal is not taking any dossiers for adoption yet in this new year. Last year they awarded each agency that was approved only 10 slots for 2009. With only 20 or so total dossiers complete at this point, holding out till maybe 100 or so are done seems like a wise choice.
2. The new people who work in the government and deal with adoptions are up and running. Although I see no evidence of this, I like to believe that they are working hard on the backlog of paperwork that must be slightly overwhelming.
3. Two months, three months, and other timetables along that line are what some agency’s are feeding their PAP’s when it comes to when all (yes, ALL) referrals for 2009 will be completed. That could mean we would have a referral for our baby girl in March/April. (My aunt Debbie predicted this, and honestly right now that is the only reason that I have any faith that it could be true). I am keeping my hopes up, but not TOO far up.
4. The people who got referrals in September will get their travel approvals in 2-4 weeks. I hope this one, more than anything else, comes true. I can not imagine being one of those families who are just waiting for the approval to pick up their child. How difficult would it be to know that your son/daughter is alive and waiting for you in an orphanage? So for all of you dear souls out there waiting for travel approval, I’m sending positive thoughts your way, and hoping this one goes even quicker than expected.
So, in the last few days that is a small summary of what I have been hearing. I hope it is true, but am also realistic in the fact that things don’t always go as expected.
But, baby girl, we are here waiting for you, and loving you, and looking forward to your referral soon in the days ahead.


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