The trials of a two-year-old (and his momma)

2 years old.

There are so many stereotypes of 2-year-olds. “Terrible two’s”, too much energy, can’t communicate perfectly, but wants independence… etc. etc. All true, but there is one thing missing- the fact that they also seem to have an endless supply of love.

River, lately is showing all signs of being in the midst of “2-years”. A few weeks ago, I decided (stupidly) that I would let River “pick” his dinner. Well, actually, I have done this a lot. So anyway, he got in the habit. For many nights now, he wants to “pick” his dinner, even when his dinner is right in front of him. Hmmmmm. Not going to do this anymore. It’s eat or starve kid. Said with love, of course.

Another story I have is from the other day. After dinner up at St. Olaf, River and I went to the potty (well, I went to the potty since River seems to not care when he has poop or pee in his pants), so ANYway, I told him he had to walk to the door or there was no Dora when we got home. At that point, he proceeded to throw himself on the floor and tell me I HAD to carry him (“I carry you momma!”) and we were going to to watch tv when we got home. After a little of that, I picked him up and carried him to the door. Then, the moment we got there, he tried to push me away and say that he could walk. At that point I said: “too late”.

Well, the ride home wasn’t so great as you can imagine.

Then, as we arrived home in a bad mood, River decided that he needed to have a piece of candy. So, being the mean mom that I am, told him that he had to put his jacket away and then I might get it for him.

So since we were in an evening of power trials, he decided to put the jacket 2 INCHES away from the basket that it’s supposed to go in. Then he said, “momma do it”. As I got up to put it away he was screaming for candy. (What a surprise). Then, when I walked away, he ran up the the basket with his jacket inside, took it out, looked straight into my eyes, and put it right, back, in.

He then ended that moment with anger and tears in his eyes by saying, “I did it momma, I did it.”

I had to quickly get out of his view at that point to laugh hysterically at my independent little boy. 🙂

(and no, he didn’t get the candy, for those of you wondering).

So. even with these stories I have shared, I have to say that every day I pick him up from daycare he runs (literally, runs) into my arms. He gives me kisses almost anytime I ask, sings with me (mostly twinkle twinkle), tells me everyday that he eats dinosaur fruit snacks at daycare (hope not) and best of all he says, “I wuv you momma”.

I’ll take these “terrible two’s” any day.


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