Self-reflection: Wednesday, February 3rd

I am,

a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend.

I am a teacher, a diversity facilitator, and a student.

I need to be better at all of those things.

I think more about this blog than my dissertation

(although soon that will have to change…)

I am tired, I am happy, I am blessed.

I am frustrated, I am mad, I am excited.

I am obsessed with my child(ren), and the rest of my beloved family,

as well as every piece of information that comes out of the country of Nepal.

I think too much about others, and way too much about myself.

I wish I could be more, do more, love more, have more,

and want less.

I know, and have seen too much of this world.

The pain, the poverty, the sadness,

and I sometimes forget about all the beauty this earth (and its people) possess.

I ponder, I pray, and I love.

I am.


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