So confusing…

Not sure what all this means for us….

Read the 2 articles on top and then other information on the bottom…

Experts urge Nepal to ban international adoptions

KATHMANDU — Legal experts have called for international adoption of Nepalese children to be suspended after an investigation uncovered widespread abuse of the system.
A team of adoption law experts who visited Nepal in November found documents were routinely falsified and children’s homes were largely unregulated, with the interests of the child often not considered at all.
In a draft report seen by AFP on Thursday, they urged authorities in Nepal to suspend international adoptions so that new legislation to prevent such abuses could be put in place.
“A new law for inter-country adoption is needed. It should be integrated with a comprehensive law on child protection measures and national solutions for children without parental care,” said the report, from intergovernmental organisation The Hague Conference on Private International Law.
“To undertake the necessary reform of the inter-country adoption system, a temporary suspension of adoptions will be necessary.”
Nepal first suspended international adoption in 2007 after reports that foreigners were paying up to $20,000 to adopt children, most of whom were not genuine orphans.
Child welfare campaigners say some were effectively trafficked out of the country by unscrupulous orphanages that falsified documents and lied to parents about where their children were being taken.
The government introduced new rules in 2008 and international adoptions restarted last year, but campaigners say abuses of the system continue.
“There are many stories of parents from remote locations in Nepal who still do not understand what happened to their child,” said Joseph Aguettant of child rights group Terre Des Hommes.
“They thought they were sending their children to be educated, but they have ended up being adopted and taken abroad.”
Terre des Hommes has repeatedly called for Nepal to review the new terms introduced in 2008, and Aguettant said international adoptions should now be suspended “until a proper legal framework is in place.”


Nepal ‘should suspend’ adoptions

The adoption of children from Nepal should be suspended, the international body that governs adoption between countries has recommended.
An investigation found children from remote areas were falsely declared to be orphans and put up for adoption without their parents’ knowledge.
A draft report by The Hague Conference on Private International Law urges Nepal to take steps to prevent abuses.
Nepal temporarily suspended international adoptions in 2007.
It introduced new rules in 2008 and international adoptions were resumed.
Documents faked
But the report from the Hague Conference says that abuses are still rife. Its investigation found that documents which declared children as orphans were often faked.
Children who were put up for overseas adoption had been taken from their families to care homes in the capital, Kathmandu, under the pretext of receiving education.
The probe found evidence of “false statements” about the child’s origin, age and status; lack of transparency and accountability for the money coming into Nepal from international adoptions; and an absence of a policy on such adoptions.
It said Nepal had failed to prevent the abduction, sale and traffic of children and recommended the government suspend international adoptions to allow new laws and procedures to be implemented.
The report follows a probe by Unicef, and other NGOs. The Swiss-funded charity, Terre des hommes, said it found that more than 60% of children in orphanages had parents who could take care of them.
“The Hague report makes a very strong finding which is that there is evidence of abuse in terms of paperwork. Paperwork is created to declare the child an orphan whereas the child… could be supported in the family,” Terre des hommes Nepal country director, Joseph Aguettant, told the BBC’s Joanna Jolly in Kathmandu.
Unicef and Terre des hommes have previously reported that it is common for Nepalese children to be abducted, trafficked and, in effect, sold.
Nepal’s adopted children mainly go to Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the US.
Our correspondent says that the report has been welcomed by those working in child protection in Nepal who say the proper safeguards need to be in place before children are offered for international adoption.


We also got information today that made it sound as if they really ARE going to have all 2009 dossiers procesed by March/April, and they are going to start taking dossiers for 2010 in April-July, meaning they have to have 2009 done at that time.

How do those 2 pieces of information come out at the same time?


One thought on “ouch?

  1. Unfortunately no one knows what this means. It will be up to Nepal to shut it down if they deem it necessary and it will be up to the countries who adopt out of Nepal to decide if they will accept those children into their countries. It will also be up to adoptive parents to worry and go forth or discontinue their adoptions in the unknown.

    As an adoptive mother of a Nepali son I would be truly horrified to find out that my son had parents that could and wanted to take care of him. I also have to say as a Christian that is it a matter of prayer, much prayer.

    The articles don’t surprise me considering I have met and seen some of those orphanages that would and probably did take advantage of many parents and children. I met them while setting up the program for an agency in Mississippi. But I also met many that were advocating and working for the children, their safety and their rights. I would agree in some ways with those ariticles and of course not agree also.

    UNICEF has long been against any international adoption from any country, but that is not to say all if unfounded. The Ministry in Nepal is very weary of this process and many have been replaced at a constant pace to make changes. I believe they are fully aware of what has gone on and are trying to make it better. Each agency should also strive to make sure all documents are legit. This can be done in country with the agencies country coordinator and no referrals should be given or accepted until that can be done. However, the system is not totally bad. There are many people in place that believe in what is happening and are stiving to meet all of Hagues requirements it just happens at a much slower pace.

    Going in to this journey again I knew (as I hope all were told) that this is still a pilot program. No one knows if the kids will come out or not. If they are not truly orphans than against my desires of adopting again from Nepal, I hope they do not come out. If there are safeguards in place that these articles have not talked about (which I believe there are some), and the children are true orphans then I will pray that they will find there homes where ever in the world that maybe. Again… a matter of prayer. The best thing to do is trust in the One that has called you to adopt…. whether it be from Nepal or another land. He is my only refuge when these articles come to light. Which they always will.

    I know this hasn’t answered any questions, but I needed to write for my own piece of mind. Thanks for being the reader.


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