Time with the Telaak’s

Last weekend River and I spent a little time with my mother’s side of the family, the Telaak’s, in Buffalo New York. It was fun, quick, and filled with wonderful family time.

River ate up all the attention, and enjoyed running around with all the Telaak’s. We actually surprised them, they were expecting my mom to go, but had no idea that River and I would tag along. At first they seemed slightly confused, but then gave us huge hugs and big smiles. It was great.

While there we mainly just enjoyed each other. The only full day we had, Saturday, we spent the morning at my grandparents house, and then headed to my aunt and uncles house close by. At their house, River was able to play with “big Mike” (aka: Uncle Mike, ex Buffalo Bills player) and all of his music equipment. He found out how much fun microphones are, and how he loved to hear himself sing. We all got a heartfelt serenade of “ABC’s” and “twinkle twinkle little star” multiple times. There was even a great moment when Mike played the guitar and River was singing. They had their own little”Jam session”. 🙂

That Saturday evening we went to a wonderful dinner nearby and River got to sit next to Aunt Barbie and Grammie, so he got a ton of attention. He had lots of fun with them but really perked up when my birthday cake came out. He sure does have a sweet tooth just like his daddy.

River is an amazing traveler. Yes, I typically do pull out the portable dvd player, but usually not until well into a flight. He LOVES planes, and gets excited for when we take off and land. (Although he is not a fan of the seat belt, so sometimes we have a little spat about that…) But all in all, his adaptability continues to amaze me. He makes me want to keep traveling with him to show him all the beauty this world possesses. I bought him (and his someday little sister) each a small little globe last night. For every place in the world they visit, I am going to super-glue a little gem on that location. (A wonderful idea that I got from a fellow blogger).

Hopefully soon, I can put a little gem on Kathmandu, Nepal.

The next few weeks will tell whether that is even going to be an option or not.


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