Password Protection

Hi friends.

I apologize that the last post is password protected. I don’t really want to do this because I am one of those people in life (as my dad puts it) who is willing to admit all their faults to the world (he said the other group of people are smart and just keep quiet. Since I am his daughter I wasn’t given those genes). Anyway, with everything that is going on in the Nepal adoption world I figured that I should keep some of my thoughts “private”, so instead of having this entire blog become an invite only as some have done, I thought I would just censor any post that might have the slightest bit of an impact on what is going on half way around the world. There has been a lot of articles about Nepalese adoptions in the media (if you’re actively looking for them) and I just don’t want to add to the press…. at all. So, instead of closing my blog down, or making it completely private, you might just encounter some password protected posts in the future.

If you are interested in my very personal thoughts and contemplations, feel free to let me know your email address, and we can talk from there. And for now, keep the children of Nepal in your prayers, as well as all the orphans in the world who live without a family to give them “huggies and lovies” every day. They deserve more than what they are getting.



8 thoughts on “Password Protection

  1. If you are comfortable, I would like to continue to read your blog and have a password. I keep hoping to hear that all of you still in the queue for Nepal will hear good news…we are sadly not allowed to adopt any longer but I am keeping up with you all since I feel like I’ve “been in your lives” for over a year now!

  2. Hello! I would love to continue to read your thoughts. My husband and I are too in the process of adopting a beautiful little sister for our two darling boys. We are heart broken by what is happening in Nepal and have our fingers and toes crossed that Nepal will be able to ‘comply’ quickly. I would also love to talk to you further if you are able.

  3. Erin:
    I’ve been following your blog. We too are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Nepal! (very hopeful things keep moving forward) I have been especially interested in your blog because, we also live in Minnesota.

  4. I would love to keep following your blog, private thoughts and all. My husband and I are also adopting a girl from Nepal. We are a 2010 family, if all goes well. We have a blog too that is private, so if you’d like to follow, just send me your address as well. Thanks!

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