River Update

My little boy.

He isn’t so little anymore! Lately he has been just a doll wanting to run and play and sing and dance. I just love watching my little river grow, but I wish it’d slow down. 🙂

So lately he’s just as curious as can be. Always asking “Where are we going?” when we get in the car, and commenting on all the cars and trucks that we pass along the way. He gets SO excited when we go to the Mall of America (which, sadly, was 3 times last week. I know, pathetic but we wanted something to do) but he’s not excited about the mall, he get’s crazy about riding the “Dora the Explorer” rides. It’s just too cute. He jumps up and down and literally vibrates. It cracks me up.

There are more stories that I can think of, but I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing little boy. My life, although feels crazy sometimes, is so blessed because of him.


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