In a year from now…

Or maybe we should begin with 2 years ago. . .

2 years ago I began looking around at agencies for our daughter. It wasn’t until June, 2008 that I started calling  and asking specific questions, and then in July we put in our application and started our homestudy process. So if you do the math, that was almost 1 year and 10 months ago. We are coming up on 2 years very, very soon.

Or maybe we should go to a year ago. . .

A year ago we were waiting for our 171-h from our very own government. Little did we know that we would have one of the longest waits that I have heard of anywhere. (5+ months, ick). Then in July when it arrived, we would send all of our money and hard work to Nepal. That means more than 1 year ago we finished op our “hurry up” portion of the adoption and began our “wait” period for our baby girl.

In the meantime, I am sure I have become incredibly annoying to our agency, and also a bummer to be around when asked about my adoption. Although I am incredibly lucky to have a little Riv-man to keep my mind occupied much of the time, I do get sad when I think about how long we have been going at this process.

Makes it harder sometimes when Kyle states that he wouldn’t mind just trying to get pregnant while we wait.

Many people would think I’m crazy to keep going at this process knowing that I can give life to such cute children (I mean, look at River… could they get any cuter or more wonderful? I know, I’m his momma and I’m supposed to say that, but it’s true.:)) But I truly believe that we have been given the opportunity to open our home to a kid that otherwise might never have one. This process might be painful, but most likely not as painful as it would be to grow up in poverty without a family and solid roof over your head. So how can I be complaining?

Well, ask my dear mother, and she will tell you that I am one of the WORST at waiting. I am, I really am. But here I am determined to hold out for my little girl who is somewhere on this beautiful earth. She will come, I know she will come.

So where will we be in a year from now????

A year from now, well, we’ll just wait and see. . .


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