Well, I’m going to “come out” here on a public blog post today. Still not sure exactly what is going to happen, and where our adoption is going to go, but after a pretty dismal email from the director of our agency today, I was relieved to then get an email giving us Nepal PAP’s OPTIONS! Yea!

So as many of you know I am working on a concurrent adoption in Rwanda. I was so thankful today to find out that one of the options that our agency is giving us is doing redoing our homestudy without charging us the typical $2000-$3000. I was ready to spend that money, so that we could keep our dossier in Nepal and also get going on the adoption in Rwanda, but was so incredibly thankful that we didn’t have to do that. This road has been hard, and it was nice to see that difficulty was being understood by our agency.

So we are going ahead with our dossier for Rwanda as we wait on Nepal. Crazy as it seems it is nice to just be DOING something again to make this adoption work. Sitting and waiting doesn’t go well with my personality (well, not all the time!) so I am thankful for this.

Like I have nothing better to do. 🙂


One thought on “Options.

  1. That’s great! When we made the decision to change our adoption track to Ethiopia from Nepal, our agency said we could go ahead and leave our dossier in Nepal (since we had already paid for it to be there!), and see what happens. I’m with you on the paperwork. As a friend told me, it’s the only thing we have control over, and it feels good to be doing something for a short while again. 🙂

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