Happiness is . . .

Happiness is…

playing in the pool with my fishing pole and fishies. Especially with pap, grammie, momma, dada,  beth or colin. Or all of ’em. Ya, I like all of ’em.

running around the condo naked. I LOVE being naked.

playing on the beach. not too close to the waves though. that’s kinda scary. I really like making clam soup with grammie and burying dada in the sand. that’s really funny.

wearing sunglasses. I look like a rock star.

waking pap and grammie up in the morning. I make sure that the sun is out and then okay it with momma and dada to go get grammie and pap. I don’t understand why they say yes so fast, but then I get to go read books and play. I like that.

going to see the penguins and flamingos and big fishies at this cool hotel with grammie and pap. they were cool! then we went to eat dinner after and grammie took away this really special plastic fork cause I was trying to cut up the chair to make it more comfortable. that wasn’t so cool.

the sugar cane train! that was F U N.

eating healthy foods. I actually kinda like them. Watching uncle colin eat all those carrots makes me want them too. Maybe uncle colin is a rabbit…

going to sleep withOUT my pacie. ok, that doesn’t make me really happy yet, but the pacie fairy came and I that’s why I got to go on the sugar cane train. Then I got a toy one too. That’s my favorite toy.

hunting easter eggs. that was awesome. I got a basket of presents and then there were all these easter eggs on the lawn with candy inside that I had to go find. then I got to eat a LOT of them. nummy nummy. Oh, and momma and grammie said that this was the hawaiian easter bunny. I am so excited for the home easter bunny to come too.

my life rocks.

(written by river)


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