Good and bad news . . .

We are home again in our (actually, really) warm state of Minnesota. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not Hawaii, but it’s pretty darn nice. Yea Spring!

It’s been a decent transition back to normalcy with some funky sleep schedules along the way. We are figuring out how to juggle our busy schedules again, and get into the spring and summer mode. We are really looking forward to June where things die down a little!

As I picked up my daily drug this morning (aka: internet/computer) I noticed a few things that had my emotions rolling. First, earlier this week people started to receive travel approvals for their Nepalese adoptions. This is great, but the news was muffled this morning when I read a new warning on the State Department website. In my opinion, they are gearing up to shut down Nepalese adoptions. Granted, I really don’t know anything, but I’m just preparing myself for the possibility.

In the good news section, the family that adopted from Rwanda from our agency recently returned home with their daughter. Seeing this post made me think about all the wonderful people who have been supporting us and our mission to adopt. Although we are not at the point where this family is, I know that someday we will be there, and am so happy that I have so many wonderful people to share my family with. You guys are the best. 🙂


One thought on “Good and bad news . . .

  1. Hi! I just saw your intro on the yahoo group and thought I would say hello. We just finished our Dossier for Rwanda (yesterday!) and are waiting for it to go to D.C. then head off to Rwanda! I am looking forward to following your journey too! Good luck getting everything together! Nice to “meet” you!

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