Fly fast little package with my heart inside…

Yesterday we got word that our authenticated/approved/’all hands go’ dossier was sent to Rwanda. Only thing I have left to do is figure out our 171-h, which I think we are switching from Nepal to Rwanda for now. If Nepal ends up happening, then we will request another one once we get a referral.

So our dossier #2 is up in the air on it’s way to Rwanda, much faster than I had anticipated. I am so excited, but still hesitant because of past experience. Even now as I know my package #2 is on it’s way, my package #1 sits and waits while there is another government change in Nepal.

Pray for my 2 little packages, may they be safe and warm and given a little TLC very soon…


One thought on “Fly fast little package with my heart inside…

  1. I know how it feels! We switched from Nepal to Ethiopia back in March, but our dossier still sits in Nepal too. Now we have a dossier in both countries, and I am feeling like a dossier/paperwork wizard by now. 🙂 I wish you all the best with your journey to Rwanda. This process is so stinkin’ hard isn’t it?! But SOOOOOOOOO worth it! 🙂

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