running fools

Ahhh…. another fun year!

Running the Bolder Boulder that is!

Last weekend over memorial day Kyle and I got to participate in one of Boulder’s best events, the 10k run, Bolder Boulder. During the weekend Boulder had countless events going on all centering around the healthy run. We had so much fun while there and (at least I) wish I could have stayed much longer!

Here are a couple pictures from the weekend!

First time baby Laughery is in the Bolder Boulder!
Hanging at Uncle Colin and Aunt Beth's!
Momma and Riv riding a go-cart together!
On the way to the race!
AWESOME Uncle Colin in the A WAVE!!!
G & P after the race!
The four that ran most of the way together!
Family at the race
Beautiful day, Beautiful place

In other “race” news Uncle Colin raced this past weekend in the Longmont Triathlon and won 1st overall! Very exciting. Nice job Colin, we look forward to your quest to the Ironman!


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