It’s been a week now since I have happily been off of work. It’s actually been quite a busy week with Kyle and I taking classes, and I also had a qualitative research conference that I had to attend, but the feeling of summer is still here. Thank goodness.

One bummer is that last Friday (my last day of school) we went to another Twins game. River was on Kyle’s shoulder when walking around getting some food when River dropped some popcorn. At that moment Kyle reached out to grab it and River went backwards onto the ground, head first. We spent the night in the ER and later found out that River fractured his skull. Ick! He seems just fine, we just have to do our best to keep our almost 3-year-old from bumping his head again. It’s been an interesting thing to try and do…

(this was not the evening in question, but another wonderful night!)

He is doing great though, for those of you wondering. 🙂

So things are going well in our neck of the woods. Even though we are not traveling (extensively) this summer, I feel like we are booked more than ever. Well, at least we are finding ways to have a nice time, like last night when we went to the Children’s museum family gala…

and then today enjoying a wonderful fathers day! Although Kyle was studying much of the day, we had some fun family time after…

loving my daddy

Happy summer friends!


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