It takes a village

Today was a fun day.
With the help of many wonderful friends, we raised almost $400 to help with our adoption expenses! We are so thankful for the help, donations and shopping from our amazing community! Northfield is a great place, somewhere we are so lucky to call home.

As for the details, it was a VERY long day. We set up this morning around 7am (planned on starting at 9am) and found that garage sale hunters begin early! I wish I had more of my brain together to go with their enthusiasm. I honestly priced things quite low, which was mainly just easy on my part so I didn’t have to haggle. But a lot of stuff went out the door and although it wasn’t a packed day (I was actually VERY thankful for those minutes I could be inside where the air conditioning was!) There were some crazy times which made for an interesting sale. I also got to meet many neighbors I didn’t know.

If these weren’t so difficult, I’d do them all the time! 🙂

River and I also got to sport our new t-shirts that I made on CafePress (thanks to the idea from my beautiful and pregnant sister-in-law, Beth!) You can view them much better here. Inside the globe on the shirt, it says “I love you” in the 2 languages of our daughters native countries. Pretty fun.

Now although this was a crazy day, I don’t want to ignore that my dear hubby turned 33 yesterday. He was studying much of the day (his brain is overflowing!) but we got to steal him away for a fun steak dinner at a nice local restaurant. Happy Birthday dear, we love you!


One thought on “It takes a village

  1. Great Erin..It sounded like you did a pretty nice job collecting some money!!! 🙂 I’m glad you were able to use….. It’s an awesome website! Miss and Love you all!!!!

    Give Riv man a hug from his aunty Beth and lil’ cousin…Mango.. 🙂

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