the lucky ones

After a long weekend in Chicago with family that we rarely see, I reminded again that I am a lucky one. I am 32, healthy, happy, and have a loving family where ALL of my grandparents are still around. When I tell that to my 8th grade students they are all shocked because most are not as lucky, and here I am… their “old” teacher who has all her amazing grandparents still with her. And this weekend, and the upcoming few, I am going to be lucky enough to spend some time with all of them.

To celebrate my Nana’s 75th birthday we took a car trip to Chicago to our Uncle Tim an Aunt Lynne’s house. They put on a fun shin-dig with tons of food, drink, water toys for the kids and birthday stuff galore. (The were technically celebrating ALL July birthdays, River’s included) and a birthday cake to beat the band. Yum. At the end of the party evening, there was even a magician that stopped by and gave a little show (and told River that he had lost his pocket, so River promptly went searching for it for awhile).

We all had a great time, but the joy for me was watching my son play with my cousins, Sean and Daniel, as well as his snuggle time with his Great-Nana. I really felt lucky.

The next morning we all got up (on Nana’s actual birthday) and  went on a boat-cruise-buffet-dance thing. It was tons of fun doing something like that together (the Laughery’s are known for finding fun ways to eat together-since that is our favorite past time) and we even got to play on Navy Pier in downtown a little bit since that is where the boat took off from.

So now River is off in Colorado (Grammy and Pap whisked him off from Chicago to Denver, and Kyle and I drove home to Minnesota),to give me time to work on my last few papers for my LAST CLASS in my doctorate program. No, don’t be mistaken that you can call me Dr. Carson yet – I still have a heck of a research project in front of me and a huge paper called a dissertation, but it is nice to know that I don’t have to worry about grades any longer.

Tomorrow I am off to join River in Colorado while Kyle stays here to get some stuff done before our trip to the Adirondacks. I am more excited than ever for our yearly jaunt to New York, so although I can’t wait to spend some time in my home state, the upcoming 2 weeks at the cabin are filling my mind.

Then soon after that we will head to Hawaii for Corey and Rachel’s wedding over labor day.

Boy, we are some of the lucky ones!


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