Take me home, country roads

to the place I belong!

Okay, not West Virginia, but I am a mountain momma, in heart at least.

As I have implied in previous posts, we are having a fabulous time here in Colorado with many family and friends. I arrived last friday after my parents picked up riv-man at Kyle’s parents place in Ft. Collins. River had a wonderful time pedaling a new bike and meeting new friends. Dave, Sandy and Uncle Bobby gave Riv lots of attention and love. This boy is spoiled. 🙂

Then off to Boulder when momma arrived. Since I have been here the poor boy hasn’t been able to sleep much since we have been always on the go. We have gone to numerous parties, shopping on Pearl Street, playing at a park RIGHT at the base of the mountains, pet Alpacas, seen friends, went to a swim meet, got a tattoo, turned into a tiger, ate at lots of yummy places, including the restaurant de la Colin & Beth, went on our first trip to Waterworld (where on the ride home, he woke up in a sleeping stupor saying, “that was fun, that was FUN!”), was a conductor on a train, swam in a health club’s pool with famous triathletes, enjoyed a Rockies game with Aunt Yucky and Uncle Nasty (Katie and Jimmy), and probably other things my worthless memory has forgotten.

Needless to say his mood has swung back and forth with the “lack of sleep” (we’ve been usually waking him up after 2 hours of nap- I think he could go 4) but he has had a great time, as have I. Tomorrow we are off to one of my favorite spots on the globe, Inlet, New York. There will be lots of family at our cabin in the woods, O-kwa-ri-ga, and hopefully a couple black bears to boot. (River has been searching endlessly for them here to no avail). Well, a place that translates to “home of the black bear” better have something good to show for it.

Thank you Colorado (and all our family and friends) for a fun time. You never seem to let us down…

morning bananna
conductor river
Go Rockies!
tiger boy

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