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Hey all.

Well, I wanted to give a little update on where our 2 adoptions are at.

Let’s start with our adoption that’s been going on for over a year- Nepal is moving. People are getting referrals and Travel Approvals to adopt their children right now. Lots of interesting things are happening. For example there are families who sent in their dossier to Nepal in later 2009 that are getting referrals. Many were surprised because there are some who have sent in their dossiers earlier in  2009 and still haven’t gotten anything (for the same age and gender). I am very excited for those that are getting the referrals, but I also wonder if it is a mix up, since the country meant to do them in chronological order. I wouldn’t mind if they put us in next in line for a 0-1 year old. 🙂 Even if it is a mix up.

As for Rwanda, we found out that we are #65. Much different that #270 (Nepal) but I believe (and I could be wrong) that there have been no referrals since around February or March. Rwanda is going through their elections right now, so maybe it needs to get through those before they can move on. It is amazing how much politics play into these adoptions. Good thing I am a social studies teacher and I enjoy following politics (even though this summer I have barely been paying attention to anything other than my yahoo adoption groups and my doctorate class– um, kinda).

Well, it’s here we wait. Hopefully something will happen in the nearby future. It’s fun to hear of other families who are getting information on their children, and then are soon after off to meet them. I hope someday we will be in the same boat as those getting their children, but for now, I’ll just settle for a boat in 7th lake in Inlet, New York. Thank goodness for downtime…


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