The Adirondacks from River’s eyes

I love the Adirondacks.

I get sooooo much attention from all the people here. It’s like my own little show. Whenever I do something, people clap. Momma and daddy better do that when I get home, or I’m gunna be really bummed.

My new “Sea doo” is pretty awesome. I have all this control over my OWN boat! Thanks gramma and pop pop for this cool boat. Everyone keeps saying that they wish they had this when they were little. I guess that’s a good thing.

Freshmellows. Need I say more? I mean, I know momma and daddy SAY they have given these to me before, but I don’t remember anything so absolutely wonderful! They all keep telling me to put them over the fire for a while and then make a chocolate sandwich with them, but I say leave well enough alone. I mean, really, these things are AMAZING.

Donuts, milk, cheese, cookies, and donuts. I think I can eat my way through life with only that. Momma keeps trying to give me something different, but I won’t have it. I can sustain on this alone, I swear.

Big Mike- he. is. my. hero. I want to be big and strong just like him. I mean, he WAS a professional football player, so who in this world could be any cooler? He even showed me how awesome the potty is. Well, one night. I guess the rest is up to momma and daddy now. (insert – “bummer” from momma and daddy)

One of my favorite days I went on a train ride, and guess what? There were train robbers! Momma and daddy told me to tell them “no way!” when they asked me for my money, but I was too scared when they came by to get it, so I handed it right over. It was fun seeing the tracks and the horsies and everything. I want to go on another train that gets robbed someday soon. Maybe next year.

“Swim aways” are my new favorite thing. I put on my froggie floater and swim away! I do kicks and big arms an my froggie keeps me up! Grammie also does “dipsie dipsie doos” (I love you!) with me in the water. Playing together is so much fun in the lake! I love it!

Momma and daddy keep taking me out on the fast boat so I can watch them wakeboard, ski, and (try) to barefoot ski (unsuccessfully). But all I really want to do is go on the sunshine boat where I can be the “condaptain” I get to go in lots of fun circles in the middle of the lake and everyone seems to think it’s pretty funny. After awhile someone takes the wheel away from me, and then I’m not so happy anymore. I like driving.

This whole Adirondack thing is pretty great. It’s beautiful, fun, with endless toys and tons of attention. I hear that next year I’ll probably have to share some of the limelight with a new cousin. Not sure how I feel about that. But hey – this place is so great I guess it would be good to share a little bit… but only a little. 🙂


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