Happy Place #2 (or #100…)

I’m a geography teacher- so I try to find beauty and happiness in all parts of the world. But there are a few, specific, “Happy Places” for me (mostly they are places where I feel very comfortable and, well, REALLY happy) and here I am in another happy place- Maui, Hawaii. We are lucky to be here this late in the summer because my brother-in-law, Corey and his soon to be wife Rachel  are getting married in Kauai in about a week. So I am here, in happy place #2 (or so), enjoying my last few days of summer with family in a beautiful spot.

Yesterday was our first full day here, and it was packed full of sun time, beach time (where a monk seal pulled up right next to us for her own sun time) great food and time in Lahaina last night where River got to check out a ridiculously huge banyan tree. This condo that my parents bought a few years ago has been such a blessing. Although our vacations are not full of variety, (since we come here often) they are FULL- and that is what counts.

This week is sure to be chalk-full of fun activities and relaxing time. Kyle is planning a big bike ride tomorrow, and then we are doing some zip lines and massages on Tuesday, and Wednesday we are off to Kauai for the wedding extravaganza. Thursday there will be fun stuff for both boys and girls (bachelor/bachelorette party things), Friday is the rehearsal and dinner (both Kyle and River are in the wedding) and then Saturday is the big day. We are more than excited.

As for other news, we are very thankful that we had the foresight of our Rwanda adoption. If we were just putting together our dossier right now since Nepal adoptions closed, we would have been cut off. Rwanda has now suspended international adoptions until they are party to the Hague convention. But thankfully, those of us that have our dossiers already there are still good to go under the old rules.

As for our domestic adoption we are excited to get our profile completed. Joanna, from Our Chosen Child is doing it for us (from the suggestion of another adoptive parent) and we can’t wait to get it to various agencies throughout the country. Then who knows what will happen from there.

But for now, let us enjoy this happy place.

Not a hard thing to do. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happy Place #2 (or #100…)

  1. Ahhh…so glad you are in Hawaii and enjoying life for a while. And OMG when you said Rwanda closed my heart stopped…until you clarified that your dossier was ok. Geez! What a minefield Int. Adoptions have become. BTW, is that an Ergo carrier you have River in? I have one for Kate and haven’t tried it on my back yet as she is still so little but it’s nice to see it can be used even when they are older. Really Great photo of you two.

  2. I know- it freaked me out the moment I found out! I mean, really?? really??!! Enough is enough! Yes, the ergo is the best thing that was ever bought for us! He also LOVES it and will even nap in it NOW. I highly recommend it!

  3. when I saw Ruanda has stopped adoptions my heart also stoped. Uff I am happy for you that your papers are still accepted. It is really hard the adoption now. Also in Switzerland there are just a few countries still open.
    wish you a nice time in Hawai and I am always happy to read your good blog.

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