Back to the grind.

Well, it’s back to the grind… for all 3 of us!

River is back at Montessori school again full time, and doing pretty well. We had the hardest adjustment ever coming back from Hawaii- for 3 nights in a row he was up from 12-3am just fighting bed time. Come Thursday night when he actually got a whole nights sleep, I was up till almost midnight just waiting for him to wake. Well, even with that shortened time asleep, it was much more than any other night. I actually felt very refreshed.

And, Saturday morning, we ALL slept until 10am. Yum.

Kyle is working hard and taking classes, and I’m trying my darndest to figure out how to get on writing my dissertation without any specific “structure”. (AND at the same time work full time). I feel like an 8th grader when I sit down to write. My focus is anywhere but where it’s supposed to be. Hmmm. Need to figure that one out soon. 🙂

On the adoption front we have our profile finished and it looks amazing. Joanna did an outstanding job and I can’t wait to see it in print sometime this week. Our agency got their 25 copies on Friday (which will be sent out sometime this week to other agencies who work with birth mothers). As for the time line on that adoption, it could be quick (a few months) to a very long time. No idea.

As for our Rwanda adoption we are just waiting with all of the rest of the people who have their dossiers in the country. No one has gotten a referral in many months, and we do not know when it may pick up again, or how quickly it will pick up. Again, this could be a few months, to possibly years.

So, we are using this time to the best of our ability and enjoying being just the three of us. Jesse James Days was this weekend and I love watching the town come alive. It is just so much fun! (River too LOVED the rides this time- he didn’t even need us to ride them with him! I can’t believe how fast time goes.:)

As for the wedding in Kauai, it was a blast. Corey and Rachel put on a beautiful time and there were a lot of great memories made. Below are a few pictures… enjoy.

For the full coverage of our adventure in Hawaii, look at our Flickr album here.


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