Flying, Babies, and Boulder (not necessarily in that order)

A whirlwind weekend- that’s what always seems to happen when I head out to Colorado. This one was no different- except for the fact that I (or I should say, we, since River had no choice but to come with me- the downside of being a 3 year old, you follow your parents where ever they go whether you want to or not) because we were there to celebrate the upcoming birth of his first cousin. Beth is due on November 20th- and we all can’t wait to meet him!

It was a fun weekend all around. We enjoyed the Pearl Street Fall festival, the AMAZING farmers market in Boulder and lunch at the tea house. There was a lot of preparing for the shower that my mom and I hosted on Saturday, but it was all fun because I got to do it with her. It’s just nice being able to hang out with my parents every once in a while.

River, as you can imagine, seemed to have a grand old-time. Eating up the attention and playing with whoever would have him. He is a master at flying now, and even takes off his shoes before I ask him to when going through security. His latest enjoyment when it comes to travel is roley bags. You see, for him strollers are out, and sitting on a roley bag like he’s riding a horse is in. I’ll take it, especially since then I don’t need a stroller and also don’t have to worry about carrying him. He can’t get much bigger though- then I’m gunna have to start worrying about the bag breaking. Ah well, I’m not there yet. 🙂

The shower was great fun. Although both Colin and Beth were exhausted, they were great sports. Colin went to the shower directly after a plane ride from Alabama where he did a Nationals Triathlon race that morning. Beth, well, she’s mighty pregnant, so I have to say they were around equal in tired-ness. No matter how exhausted they were, it seemed like they had fun as well as the 50 or so other guests at the dinner party. I mean you can’t go wrong with food, drinks, presents and silly shower games (like trying to find the poopy smelling scratch and sniff card and pin the speedo on the baby) to make people smile. I love parties with this crowd (and the other really fun people I met there for the first time), a party with these guys is worth a long travel day or two.

On the way home, River made friends with our airplane pilots. It was the most adorable thing ever. They encouraged him to come in and sit on their lap, push the buttons (yikes!) and wear the captain’s hat. He was thrilled. We then drew a picture of an airplane and a river to say thank you, and we gave it to them on our way out where they brought him in and gave him high 5’s and a hug. He was on cloud 9. (and so was I).


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