potty break

Both Kyle and I have been a little low lately. If you were able to get to my last post before I made it completely private, you will understand why I’m there, but Kyle is a whole other can of worms. Maybe it’s the time of year? Maybe it’s because we are not eating great right now? Maybe it’s because our lives are in a sort of limbo with nothing panning out in the immediate future? Hm. Well, whatever it is, we will get through it just fine (since there are many other people in the world with much more dire concerns than ours) but at least I can get excited that this weekend is our (well, my) fall break. Yea! That’s a GOOD pick-me-up.

So guess what we are doing on our days off? Potty training! River seems ready, finally. We are going to try a plan from a book I read discussing the topic of potty training in a day (I am very skeptical, but I’m ready to give it a go) and last night went out and got all the “tools”. It has to do with a big “party day” and in the morning Riv will teach a doll how to go potty, and then in the afternoon it will be his turn. So, although this fall break may not be all that much fun, hopefully it will be productive. Only River will know!

Oh, and if that doesn’t work, we are going cold turkey. Enough with all this “they’re ready when they’re ready” crap. He totally knows when he has to take a poo and is ready in my book. Sorry River. Daddy and I are quite tired of changing your diaper. It’s your turn.

(I’ll keep you all filled in on the gory details as the weekend unfolds… wish us luck!)


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