Well, soon after the last post riv decided that since the baby was “just a doll” that he wanted to earn treats all by himself. Soooo… we went upstairs, sat on the potty (unsuccessfully) then opened up another present of new big boy pants, and then finally packed up our diapers and took them over to Joey’s house. (Who I am assuming still needs them for a little while).

We got back to the house, River was still dry so I gave him a piece of candy, and then proceeded to try to give him lunch (JOKE! The candy seemed to fill him up just fine!) So we sat on the potty again, read books, mommy took a shower and by that time is was time for nap, with no liquid (or anything) coming out of him (but a lot had gone into him). So, we jumped in bed with big boy pants (even though there was a point when he said he wanted diapers for naptime, and I said no) and there we are.

He’s been sleeping for at least an hour not having gone to the bathroom for numerous hours and, well, he hasn’t gotten up yet.

We’ll see how long this lasts.


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