the “dirt”

Okay… here it goes-

When River woke up from naptime yesterday (3.5 hours) I was sure the bed was wet. I checked his bbp (big boy pants) and they were dry. We went upstairs, and his bed was dry. Ok- cool, but he still hadn’t peed for hours, so I was rightfully skeptical.

Then, as the night wore on, I told him he had to pee in the potty before he got the reward of going to Chuck e cheese. So after awhile, he did. Just a little bit, but he did.

Well, that’s when we lost it. Soon after we arrived at Chuck e cheese, riv peed all over  himself, even after we asked and asked if he needed to go. It was fine, I came very prepared, but I began to get frustrated because although he peed a little bit before, this was a gusher. I mean, couldn’t he have just done that in the first place?

Then we went to bed and he never got up until 6:45 sopping wet. We got that fixed and then he went back to bed until 7:30. At that point he crawled into bed with me (with a towel under him) and at 8am he peed again. Ug.

Breakfast and then onto a friends house where he was having a ball riding bikes and playing. At one point, Riv and I get in an argument about just sitting on the potty for a minute. After a bit, I won that match, (he sits, but doesn’t go) then 20 min later he pees all over himself, and he wins the next match (and comes up to me and tells me that he’s wet, but it’s not because he peed. Uh huh.)

So, mommy-1,  river- well, 3?!

We had a great time at Edy and Will’s house, and we just got home and he’s in bed. We sat right before laying down, but again nothing. I’m not sure what it’s gunna take. Is he just that uncomfortable on the potty? Is this a true control issue? Can he not “feel” the urge? I’m quite confused at this point, and, well, pretty tired and it’s not even been 2 full days.

This is going to be a long weekend.


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