a mousey halloween

A full weekend of Halloween fun….

Actually, I think riv would celebrate Halloween for at least  a week if he could. By Halloween day, I think his costume was quite worn out. So you can’t say it wasn’t worth the money!

My little Mickey Mouse had a great weekend. On friday, we joined Kyle at his dance marathon that the dance department at St. Olaf College hosted. He had so much fun running around chasing the spotlight that daddy was controlling,  dancing to dj’s, bands, and fun music. We went home late and he slept until almost 9, when we had to go back and participate in the “toddler dance time” where this time he brought along a couple of friends. Together, they danced the morning away.

Saturday night we went to a fabulous party hosted by some fabulous friends. The Norrie’s always put on the perfect party with a constant barrage of games and activities. I wish I was so talented! The kids “fished”, got “tatoo’s” played in the sandbox and had their faces painted. But I have to say the best part was at the end with the pinata. THAT was a kick to watch.

Halloween evening we did the rounds in our neighborhood with River’s friend CJ (and her fam). We got lots of candy, but I have to say the best part was when we returned to our house for a drink, and the kids went up to play. At one point Riv yelled down that he needed to go potty, and I said “go for it!” When I arrived upstairs a few minutes later to see how it went, Riv and CJ were in the bathroom together and she excitedly said that she “flushed for him!”

How cute is that?

All in all it was a wonderfully successful Halloween weekend. I don’t know if I would love it if it were always on a Sunday, (since it takes up the WHOLE weekend) but Halloween with a 3-year-old is Always a joy!


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