the numbers

(1 & a half) and . . .

That’s how many months we have been waiting (this time around) for our two adoptions. I have hopes that something may happen in the near future, but also worries that River will not get a sibling for quite some time.

Rwanda is at a standstill again, no news has left the country for a few weeks. I hope things will pick up there, for both the children and the families waiting.

As for domestic, we know very little. We hope that soon an amazing birthmother looks at our profile and can see their child being a part of our family. Only time will tell on this one…

So along we go. It is a hard road to chug down, especially when I see many of my amazing friends have their second/third child and River being so sweet to all of the new babies. I can’t wait to see him with his new brother or sister.

He   Will   Be   Amazing.

Please let him meet his new sibling much faster than I anticipate…


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