unanswered questions

Has it really only been only 8 days since we found out that a birthmom in Alabama picked us? Time sure flies, and it feels like it was just yesterday, but it also feels like a lifetime ago.

Time does funny things when you are in a space like this.

So, we do not know when the c-section date is yet. We thought we would find out today after the birthmom went to her Dr’s appointment yesterday, but the Dr wasn’t ready to call it yet. Silly doctors. Don’t they know how crazy they’re making us? (Cause I’m sure that’s the first thing on their mind.)

She was told that next Wednesday she would find out, and then it would get passed onto us. We are so excited to meet this little one and knowing that it is going to be a c-section makes it more concrete since there will be an actual DATE. Yipee!

Kyle and I are getting ready by working with our Human Resources people to see about our time off. (Which is looking good-by the way). And we (ok-I) am happily  getting together some of River’s non gender-specific clothing and getting them washed along with  the car seat fabric. Of course I’m spending gobs of time that I don’t have online looking at baby girl clothes and buying car seat buntings to keep our winter baby warm. It’s kinda sick how much fun I’m having looking at all of this. I hope this nesting stuff stops soon for my checkbook’s sake.

As for her name, since a lot of people have asked, I thought I would let you all know that we are keeping this a secret. I know, I know… I have teased my brother endlessly about the fact that they are keeping their child’s name a secret, but we decided that we should keep quiet on her name because we know that there is a chance that this little southern gal might not be ours. As of now this is not a done deal, and since we like this name, we are ready to keep our mouths shut until those 5 days are over.

I’m not good at keeping secrets.

Please don’t pry. I might break. Anyway, it will be here before you know it, and in about a month all of you out there- friends, family, and my wonderful blogging world will hopefully get to know all about our daughter, and the beautiful life that is at its beginning. I’m so excited!


2 thoughts on “unanswered questions

  1. Hi Erin! I’m so glad I stopped by your site today… what great news! I’ll be crossing fingers and toes all goes well in the next month.

    With warm wishes- Joanna

  2. I’m behind in my blog reading and now, wow! What a surprise! How exciting–I am hoping that all goes well and your Christmas baby will be celebrating with you.

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