December 1st is the date!

(Well, there is a little confusion on whether the C-section will be on the 1st or 2nd, but the birthmomma will be in the hospital on the 1st getting ready and/or giving birth!)

Our tentative plan is this: (and remember, the birthmom can still change her mind at any second…)

Get EVERYTHING together in the next 2 weeks! (We still have lots of paperwork to send and do!)

December 1st or 2nd baby is born!

Wednesday, December 8 in the evening fly down to Birmingham. In the meantime, the baby will be hopefully checked out of the hospital and staying with a fosterfamily. We wait because  the birthmom can change her mind (for up to 5 days after she signs the papers) and we are also waiting for ICPC, which means we can sorta officially adopt the child and take her accross state lines.

Meet her on Thursday December 9th! (3 weeks from TODAY!)

Play in Alabama. Find fun things to do! (Like play in the hotel pool:)

Hopefully take her home around December 14th (Once we get clearance).

Become a family of 4.



4 thoughts on “DECEMBER 1!

  1. wow! that is so great! a friend of mine adopted almost exactly this time last year, her daughter turned one yesterday:) I remember it all happening so fast. By the time they found out about the birth mother choosing them, the due date was less than two months away! I am so happy for you guys, and your growing family!

  2. YAY!!! Thinking and sending loving positive thoughts to you all!! 🙂 Love you!! Aiden can’t wait to meet his cousins!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. wow great. I am very happy for you. Is Riven happy to get a sister? All the best and it is always a pleasure to read your blog.

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