In this time of change I want to focus on my one and only son. My little boy who is not so little anymore, and as my dad put it, will soon become the “big cheese”. I love this little guy with all my heart and soul, and think that although he is going to be dealing with some changes as a cousin and (hopefully) a big brother, he is going to take it in stride and with ease (fingers crossed here!)

Right now Riv is full of stories and imagination. Mickey Mouse is at the top of his “friends” list and discusses going to his house quite regularly. After watching episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he seems to bring the show into his reality and we are blasting off in rocket ships and heading to the red planet on a daily basis. When not discussing Mickey, he talks at length about whatever is at the top of his mind and many times brings in animals and their families into the picture. River absolutely loves TV, (which I’m not trying to encourage) but at least when he is watching a stressful part to a movie (like when we were watching the prince trying to save sleeping beauty the other day) he is jumping up and down rooting for the good guy, and telling him to watch out when the evil witch is going to do something bad. I do hate sticking him in front of the TV, but watching him physically interact with it is very amusing!

At daycare (preschool I should say) River seems to be doing great. He does have some days when I don’t get the most positive report, but that is honestly rare. He comes home talking about what they did, and how he went potty during the day (haven’t had an accident in weeks- even at night!) He loves his teachers and is in love with quite a few girls at school. Ahhhh…. at least this is the innocent kind! 🙂 We had our very first “parent/teacher conferences the other week, and I have to say it was amusing being on the other side of the table. It was nice to hear how he is doing during the long hours of the day, and also happy to know that he is being loved even though his mommy and daddy are not with him. He sure does deserve it.

We have spoken about adoption with River in the past, but have obviously upped the talk lately with the birth date coming up. He seems to understand, but then again, not really. We talk about his little sister and how she is going to be a baby, and his eyes  light up and he gets excited. We did have an incident the other day when I was talking about his little sister, when he then declared that he didn’t want to adopt his little sister, but instead wanted to adopt Claire (his best friend at school). I told him that her mommy and daddy might not like that, but he was pretty adamant. It was kinda cute, but he might be disappointed once December 8th rolls around.

All in all life with Riv has been wonderful, joyful, energetic, emotional, and most of all, playful. He has a mind like no other and a love that is boundless (um, well, except when mommy says “no” but I like to think that he only pretends not to care for me at those moments). No matter what though, I sure do love my boy, and am so proud of him and who he is becoming!


2 thoughts on “Riverisms

  1. I love that he lets Grammie sing off key with him and teach him silly songs…. 🙂
    We should all adopt some Riverisms to spice up our lives!

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