a moment in time

Many years ago now I sat in a center for women suffering from AIDS in India. I met a woman who touched my soul. I can’t imagine that she survived much longer than a few weeks after I first met her, but she and her  story of HIV/AIDS has stayed with me ever since. On this World AIDS Day, and the birth day of my {hopeful} daughter, I want to remember those who suffer from an epidemic that has hit the world hard, especially since we here in America are lucky enough to not have to think about it on a daily basis.

Below is a ‘poem’ that I wrote years ago which briefly describes that experience. It was written for the woman who shared a part of herself with me that day, even though she barely had the energy to lift her head. For her I am forever thankful.


a moment in time.

I sit, I stare, I ache.
Women in skin and bones surround me,
their pain stings the deepest part of my soul.
Disease, AIDS, the ugliness of the human spirit.

I find a woman in the corner.
She looks lost and alone.
I softly sit near to see if I can comfort her mind.
She lets me in.

The language barrier is broken, we speak with our hearts
and for one moment, our pain subsides
by the comfort of each other’s touch,
our aching souls release.


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