not quite sure how to post this.

but her birthmom decided to be her mom.

all after a wonderful baby shower last night with some of my dearest friends and best supporters. 🙂

we are sad. we are grieving. i don’t really know what to do with myself.

i’m not a “meant to be” kinda person. but, i guess this just wasn’t meant to be.

our family will come together in time, i’m just sure of it.

but for now, please pray for everyone involved. and especially for the beautiful baby girl who just entered the world, not even a week ago.

we wish you the best darling girl.


9 thoughts on “.

  1. Dearest Erin and Kyle,
    There are truly no words that will lesson the pain of your loss. And yes, you may not have held Kaiya in your arms but you truly hold her in your hearts True love is brilliant but it comes at a price and we (all of us) are so sorry for your pain.

  2. Dear Erin and Kyle,
    We were also in the Nepal program and have been “following” you on your new journey. We are so sorry for your loss and our hearts are breaking for you. Thinking of you during this time.

    Jackie and Mike Pulis

  3. Huge hugs to you and Kyle. I’m so sorry!!!! You will be wonderful parents for a lucky baby, hopefully very soon.

  4. Erin, I am in shock!!! I was soo happy for you and now this?? I really difficult to understand! Don’t give up though, there is a little person out there that needs you! (Roberta from Nepaladopt)

  5. A million hugs to you right now. We too lost a little one like this- it’s a loss not many understand. Please know “it gets better”. It does. But for now huddle up, cry a lot, hug a lot, and let those that love you support and care for you. You are in many, many hearts and prayers now. I hope that love brings you some comfort. – Warmly, Joanna

  6. Erin and Kyle and River

    I’m so sorry to hear about this! Everything happens for a reason and I hope that this little girl has a wonderful life and I hope that you find a little one that is just as special as this one was to you very soon! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! I love you!!!

  7. I’m so sorry for the ups and downs you’ve gone through over the last week! Keep your heads and hearts up; this will lead to a wonderful end. Hopefully, very soon.

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