thank goodness for moms, tums, and friends.

This has been a hard week, but it has been made much easier due to those 3 things listed above, moms, tums, and friends.

My mom flew in from Colorado on Wednesday. It was obviously a spur of the moment visit, and I am so thankful for it. Kyle has been working so much lately it was nice to have someone around to distract me. She has been my savior this week in helping me with River and finding (or going along with) fun things to do including the Northfield Winter Walk, the Minneapolis Holidazzle parade, 8th floor Macy’s “Elf” exhibit, and seeing Santa. Let alone time to talk and be there when I cleaned out her room. Ya, I kinda cleaned out the room, or at least unpacked all the stuff I had for her for the trip to Alabama.

That one hurt, a lot.

My friends have been pretty amazing too this week. A bunch suprised me with an impromptu get together on Thursday night. There was not only a lot of laughs shared, but I got to talk about all this “stuff”. It was a wonderful night.

I also got to see other friends at the Holidazzle parade and enjoy a little time with more people I care about. I have been surrounded by those who love me all week, and now that Kyle’s not working all the time, I have him.

I needed this. And I’m so thankful for all of those who helped provide it.

As for the “tums” part, well, my stomach has been physically sick since last Monday when I found out. So, I am thankful for any and all medication out there that helps that part of me. 🙂

I will leave you with a few pics. First, since I never got to post a joyous entry about my fabulous shower I had a week ago, I am posting this first picture of the amazing group of friends that celebrated with me, and then in turn, have supported me all week.

Next is the crazy snowstorm that took our wonderous town and made it a winter wonderland these last few days.

And I will leave you with River’s first discussion with Santa this 2010 Christmas season.

We look forward to what the future may bring.


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