Holiday Extravaganza

Well, it’s been a crazy holiday season thus far. After sending River and Kyle off to Colorado, I quickly finished off my short week of work and jumped a plane to join all the fun. We spent Christmas eve and day in Boulder with my family where we had a marathon of present opening. (Honestly, it was sick). Then my parents had a Christmas shin dig where many beloved family friends and Kyle’s family joined the festivities. That evening we followed Kyle’s family home and did it all again the next day… a multi-day Christmas! Fun, but a little crazy too. 🙂

After enjoying some good quality time with the Carson clan watching movies, eating yummy food, and just hanging, we then got in the car and followed my family up to Vail where we have enjoyed many days of skiing (for some) and some wonderful afternoons hanging out in the Sonnenalp Resort (the place where Kyle and I got married). It’s been a ton of fun and all a girl could ask for.

River is also in heaven here. He has had his first ski lessons, and at 3 and a half is burning up the slopes. I love how he is so excited, so much so that when I went to pick him up the first day, he wanted me to show off his stuff so I stayed and watched him go down the bunny slope many more times. He was so proud and so were we! Thank you Grammie and Pap for making this work, and thank you River for having such an awesome attitude. What a joy it is to watch your kid love something that you also think is a blast.

We have also had a lot of fun watching Aiden grow. Colin and Beth are such wonderful parents and we are so lucky to have this time together to get to play and get to know this sweet little boy. I am psyched to see him and River grow together as cousins. Pretty cool.

For 3-4 days there we also thought there was going to be another little boy in this mix of kids. A baby was born on the 27th and the birthmom in Alabama picked us to be his parents. Then…. yes, she changed her mind.


3 failed adoptions in the last 6 months (Nepal, and these last 2). This is getting a little old. At least we know we have people working for us… I just wish something would stick.

Come on 2011… it’s gotta be better than 2010.

Happy new year ya’ll. We love you lots!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Extravaganza

  1. Oh my gosh! What a rollercoaster! I can’t even imagine what you have been going through. At least you had your family and friends around to support you through this wild ride over the holiday season. They always say bad luck comes in threes, so hopefully the adoption works out perfectly for your family:) Happy New Year and all the best for 2011 XOXO

  2. My heart is breaking for you! I’m still grieving Nepal loss. I can not imagine two more failures. New years eve was hard thinking about that last year I was full of hope and I thought she would be here by now. You are in my prayers. I hope both our new years are very different from the last.(my husbands mother died in Oct. It was a sad Christmas for us, yet it had some special moments)

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