“God is in my belly”

This MLK weekend River and I got the opportunity to go back to Colorado to see my nephew, River’s first cousin Aiden get baptized. I was also given my first chance at becoming a Godmother.

The title “Godmother “ comes with much responsibility and thought. I have pondered the idea of being a “Godmother” quite a bit ever since Colin and Beth asked me to be one for their sweet little boy, and although I don’t have any “outward” responsibilities to see that Aiden is fed, clothed, and basically content with life, I do feel some “inward” responsibilities at making sure that he has a person to talk to when it comes to the spiritual aspect of life.

Now in full disclosure, I am not a consistent church-goer, or even a very good story-teller of basic religious beliefs to my own son. He seems to understand the jist of what Christmas is, but it is mostly about Santa and presents. I’m not sure if this is the best way to go about raising Riv, but I do believe that both Kyle and I are good at teaching the basics of almost all religions. Things like the 10 commandments, the 5 pillars of faith, etc. all seem to say the same thing. Have faith, love your family and your neighbors, and be a good person. Although River and my other someday children will soon go to Sunday school and be versed on the Christian religion’s basic tenants, what I hope most for my children is to learn the things all “good” religions teach. Be good to each other.

Now here I am, the “Godmother” of Aiden, thinking about what I can offer him in his future spiritual endeavors. This is what I hope:

1.  Remind him to love others, even ones that do him wrong.

2. Remind him that there is “more” out there. Some people call that God, some people call it other things. But he needs to know that he is NEVER alone. And is, most importantly, always loved.

3. Remind him to ask questions, don’t just believe everything you are told. This is what makes us human, to look, analyze, and then come to your own conclusion. But remember that you may be wrong.

4. Look to others you respect for guidance. You know, like me. 🙂

5. Trust your gut. Sometimes I wonder if God really IS in my belly (explanation below). You are typically the best judge of what you can handle.

6. Enjoy life, but remember that there are others in this world who are not as lucky as you. With this knowledge you can find ways to give something of yourself to make this world just a little bit better.

I’m sure I will think of others in time.

Now, when we were on our way to the baptism yesterday morning, my dad, the philosophical one, decided to try and explain to River exactly what we were going to see. He said something to the affect that God was going to come down and be with Aiden as he was getting baptized and Riv, although was taking it all in, seemed quite confused. It wasn’t until after the baptism when we were in the car going home that River went back to what my dad was saying. He stated that he didn’t “see God” during church, and wanted some clarification. As my dad was trying to explain to River that you don’t actually “see God”, but instead you feel God, a light went on in River’s eyes and he stated, matter of factly, that he felt that “God is in my belly”.  (And made my dad touch his belly so he could also feel God).

At that moment, my heart filled up with love (you all know that feeling) and I knew at that moment that I could feel God in my belly too.

River, although we were trying to clarify things for you, I think you may have just cleared it up for us instead. Thanks for opening up my eyes just a little bit wider, kid. You are sure showing me a whole new world. (And beyond.)


2 thoughts on ““God is in my belly”

  1. I love it Erin…in fact, your River and my Grace would get along well. That is the kinda thing she would say. She thinks God is in everything too!
    I have been having the same kind of contemplations too, and wondering how I can teach our children about God in a way to form their own personal relationship with ‘Him’. We talk about all religions in our home too, but sometimes I feel it is not enough. I hope that our actions everyday teach them mostly about God’s love I guess:)

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