Shopping for a purpose

Hi friends,

As we have traveled on these adoption journeys, there has been a lot of tears shed (on the shoulders of many of you who read this), reflections had, and really, lots of money spent. To be honest, if both of these adoptions work out, we will most likely be spending roughly $50,000 on helping them go through.

That is not a small number.

We can do this. We are blessed to have the opportunity and means to make this happen, but not all who adopt are that lucky. There are many families out there who are doing every little thing to bring their child home. They are using their talents and working their bottoms off to make money so their families will be complete.

This post is about a family who is also adopting from Rwanda and who are making money by creating something beautiful and fun. They are using every cent that is made from this jewelry to bring their child home. I hope you look closely at her work, since it’s not only CUTE, but also a necessity for their adoption. {oh ya, and I get a discount if you buy some. So you’re helping my “adoption fund” too:) }

Information below:

ETC Jewelry is an online hand stamped jewelry store that my friend Beverly started in order to help support her family’s Rwandan adoption.  They are currently “waiting in line” at the Minister’s office in Kigali at #135 out of 150 families.  Please take a look at her store and consider helping to support their Rwandan adoption.  Her jewelry is beautiful and during this week for her online jewelry party, you get 10% off your order.  Just enter onlineparty10 into the discount code box upon checkout to receive your discount and please do not forget to enter your hostess’ name into the “memo” field on the page of one of your purchased items before checkout or into the “notes” box on PayPal’s site during checkout, so that your hostess can receive credit for your purchase.

Thanks so much and please feel free to forward this to any of your own contacts via the “invite more” option on the upper lefthand corner of this invite.  And if you’re interested in hosting an online jewelry party, yourself, please contact Beverly at or the phone number listed on this invite.



2 thoughts on “Shopping for a purpose

  1. Thanks Erin! I bought several and will also post on my FB page (Our CHosen Child, LLC) site and on my resource page of my website. I’m glad I visited you today and found her!

    Best wishes- Joanna

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