a little update

Greetings friends,

Well, things are going okay here. In terms of life, etc. we are dealing with the cold winter Minnesota months and the sometimes dreariness that comes along with it. I’ve always tried to embrace the cold {uh, kinda} but sometimes I just want to crawl into my bed and hibernate until spring. Ah, that sounds mighty nice right now.

Now, it’s not like things are boring around here. There has been plenty of things to keep me active. Thing such as,

~many birthday’s. Me, my friends, and also many of River’s friends are having birthday parties to keep us active and celebrating. This is a Godsend right now!

~My concern for my job. I am not worried I will lose it (although many in my district will) but my job will drastically change if the current proposal goes through which eliminates a semester of social studies in the 7th grade. Not only that, we are going to possibly loose some of the best teachers, and most interesting curriculum’s. It is a sad time for my district and it’s community.

~River (I hear) has been having a hard time listening in school. Seems that we are going to have one of those “sit down talks” tonight. F.U.N.

~My parents are sailing in the British Virgin Islands. There is some jealousy going on in my little mind, but I am so happy to be reminded that there are places in this world where you can wear a bathing suit and sandals. Oh, and NOT have to be inside. I love following them on their adventures. (Just be careful mom and dad! No more “man overboard” or “abandon ship” stories! It’s weird that I’m the one worrying about what my parents are doing. Boy, that’s a turn around.)

~ We are planning on going to the St. Olaf gala soon. I’m pretty psyched about that.

And as for the adoption…

~We got to speak to the birthmother about a week ago. It went well. We were nervous and must have sounded like idiots. Anyway, she hasn’t changed her mind about us yet. 🙂 During the conversation she told us little pieces about herself and we shared a little about ourselves with her. I hope this relationship can really grow.

Well, (yes yes, my pessimism is coming in here…) as long as she doesn’t change her mind. Then that relationship might be weird.

~ I spoke with the Utah agency today for the first time since the phone call (they have been quite hard to get a hold of) and they said that the birthmom said very nice things about our conversation. {Insert sigh of relief here- and hopefully she was not just being nice, and that she really meant it}. They also said that she went home this last weekend (freak out time!) but it was  because her grandma had a heart attack (ahh! that’s not good!) and she came back to Utah yesterday after being with her family for the weekend. {whew…} I am quite worried about this now because the family knows everything (I am not sure if she had told everyone about this adoption plan yet, but I am assuming that she has by now!) and also how does the grandma feel about this? Will that work itself into the ultimate direction the birthmom goes? Not sure.

All I can do is hope everything is okay with the birthmom and her family, and also hope that she knows what the best decision is for herself and her family.

Selfishly, I also hope we are included with that.

~As for Rwanda, things are moving, but slowly. We are just going to wait that one out and see where it takes us.

Oh, and one more thing that I am so excited about!


one of my many happy places.

(but I have to admit, this one might just take the cake!)


5 thoughts on “a little update

  1. I also worry about my parents now…they are skiing in the UP and the north shore this week – rough life of the retired people. Am definitely keeping you guys and your little baby, wherever they are, in my prayers. Love you so much!!!

  2. What a challenging road you’re on. I’ll be sending you good thoughts and hoping all turns out well.

    Coincidentally, one week from tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland. Hope we both have great trips!

  3. Thinking about you and hoping for the best here… Sending some 60+ degree colorado weather east for you. Disney sounds nice to me right now! We need to team up and get mom and dad to bring us there soon 🙂

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