Remembering Grandpa Bob

This past weekend we took an impromptu visit to Wichita, Kansas to say good bye to Grandpa Bob. Bob was Kyle’s father’s, father and (I think) looks just like Kyle will in some 50 years. He was a spunky old guy who was also one of the most insightful men I’ve met. When he was not joking around, he seemed to put much thought into every little thing he said. I will miss much about Grandpa Bob, but those two things I will miss the most.

It was a wonderful (but QUICK) weekend spent with some of Kyle’s family that we don’t see nearly enough. Sometimes I kinda wished we lived in a world where nobody left home and all of our family lived next door or just down the block. These folks that we got to enjoy this past weekend are people who I wish lived next door. They were fun, interesting, silly, and just plane nice. It was special.

Much of our time together was catching up and telling stories about Grandpa Bob. We enjoyed one of his favorite restaurants, “Nu Way” and went out to see where his ashes are going to be laid to rest. The actual memorial service will not be until February 19, but this weekend gave a feeling of good remembrance; a feeling of family and love. We are not going to make it out to the memorial service, but I hope he knows in heaven, how much he is loved here in Minnesota.

I’ll leave you with the 2 pictures I will treasure most from our time in Kansas this weekend. (Although there are many!) Rest in Peace Grandpa Bob. You are loved.


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