the life of this stay at home mom

It’s been one month.

One month ago I met Autumn for the first time, one month ago my life changed forever. The wonderful forever.

Since then, we spent time on Colorado with family, and have come back to Minnesota where we welcomed her home for the first time. That was Valentine’s day. A day full of love.

In Minnesota we have spent lots of time with friends and loved ones. Kyle is working his booty off at work. 14 hour days makes for a tired daddy. I feel sad that he doesn’t have this time like I do. It’s pretty special.

So what do we do every day? Hmm… good question.

Now since I am only home for a few months, I am not doing the whole schedule thing like most stay at home moms probably do. Instead, I take each day as it comes. Sometimes shopping, sometimes meeting Kyle for lunch, sometimes meeting friends, and sometimes staying in my pjs’ till I have to go pick up River at preschool.

Now, what I should be doing? Finishing grading projects for school (ya, you know the school I left over a month ago?) Write my dissertation that I haven’t touched in months. Write thank you notes. Friends and family have been SO generous since bringing Autumn home. My Northfield mommy friends even threw me another baby shower last week. I am so spoiled. Oh, and I can’t forget that I need to work out more. Been pretty lax on that one to say the least.

So, ya, there are lot of things I still need to do. Or should do.

But I kinda like putting those off. Life is more relaxing that way.

So I’ll get to work on that list of things soon. I better get cracking since in around one week I’ll be off with the two kiddos to Hawaii with my parents for a few weeks.

Man, life can be rough sometimes for a stay at home mom.

Or, I should say, this one. 🙂


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