where we are.

There are many interpretations of this title. First, obviously, where in the world are we? I’ll answer that one in a sec.  Another way to interpret this title is metaphorically. Like where are we mentally? How are we doing as a family of 4? Where are we thinking of going in the future? I know, that’s a lot of interpretation, but I’m gunna do my best to answer some of those questions in this post.

First, we are in Hawaii. I know- rough life. Poor Kyle is working SO much with shows and conferences at St. Olaf that he isn’t able to join us. I feel really bad about leaving him in Minnesota, but he was so busy we barely saw him in the weeks before we left. Plus, this whole winter baby thing is really hard for someone like me. I have my lazy moments, and I do like to just sit around and relax, but jeez. When I realized that the only place to go to was the mall to get a good walk in I slowly started to go nuts. I feel for those mommas who have winter babies and have no opportunity to get out of the cold.

I know, I’m spoiled.

Time here has been great. It’s been just a couple days and they all have been enjoyable and relaxing. When we first arrived, Autumn didn’t seem to know what to do with her little body. I mean, it was exposed! Not just her face and hands were showing anymore, but you could see, like, her legs! She has gotten used to this whole exposing herself thing along with the warmth which has been nice. Good. Adaptable. Baby.

River is as happy as can be with Grammie and Pap to play with, along with one of the BEST toddler pools I’ve ever experienced. He is also loving the ocean and the fish and the sand. He doesn’t want to sleep too much, but who can blame him?

As for the other, more philosophical answer to that question, I would say to start with the family of 4 thing, we are just getting our feet wet. Like I said Kyle is working a load, which leaves it up to me. I don’t mind too much but I think we are going to have to wait until Kyle is home a little more to really understand what this has done to our family dynamics. I can’t wait.

As for the future? Rwanda? Well, we are taking that step by step. We are watching as many families are being united with their children from Rwanda, and considering our options. As of now we want this next adoption to happen. We want to meet our little girl half way around the world. But when is the question? Should we be asked to be put at the end of the line? Or, since we are asking for a baby, and specifically a girl, will that wait be awhile anyway? I can’t imagine adopting another one in the next couple months, but can I imagine one months after that? I don’t really know. So, as of now, we will just wait and see what happens. I love watching both Autumn and River learn and love on one another, and am wondering what the best path is for our family. I guess time will tell.

But for now I’ve got the beach, my 2 kiddos, my parents and brother, sister-in-law and nephew, and the only (big) thing missing is Kyle.

Love you honey. Can’t wait to see where we are once we come back together again.


One thought on “where we are.

  1. As a mom who carried on by myself for many years with a husband that worked many overtime hours to provide for our family the best he could….one year absent for 7 of the 12 months traveling to provide….I understand the loneliness and burden of raising children this young, seemingly alone. Please know that it only strengthens you and the family if you have faith. Also know that Kyle is doing his best, as you know, to provide all that he has to give and that he would do anything to change the circumstances. It will be soon that the four of you can be together to create a perfect family that you dreamed of…I know Kyle wants it so badly. Have fun in paradise and enjoy the moments with your growing family..you will not regret it for a second…even those times that aren’t in paradise.

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